October 26, 2022

The World’s First ‘Burger Robot In A Box’ Gets $10M Seed Investment

Are we officially in the future? It appears we are. 

The world’s first robot burger vending machine, created by RoboBurger Inc, has secured $10 million in seed investment funding via a partnership with equity firm Promethean Investments. 

What is Roboburger?

RoboBurger, founded by Audley, Dan, and Andy in 2019, is a company that specializes in engineering, robotics, and, last but by no means least, delicious burgers made from high-quality ingredients.

According to reports, RoboBurger is the world’s first fully autonomous burger vending robot that assembles Michelin star burgers. The company, which is currently working with some of the biggest US companies, is working to provide people with access to freshly cooked food without leaving their workplace, university, or hospital. 

“Since opening our first pop-up location, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that has helped us improve both the taste of our burgers and the time it takes to make them,” said Dan Braido, CTO of RoboBurger.

“Our newest units reflect these changes, and customers can now get a hot, freshly grilled burger in about 4 minutes.” 

The company describes its brand as prioritizing convenience and pleasure. It’s the go-to for students looking for a hot, fresh, and affordable meal and the idle place for travelers and busy colleagues keen to grab a quick feed while on the go. 

Additional Capital 

The investment from Promethean will help RoboBurger grow and scale its business units. Not only will access to additional capital funding help the business meet its consumer demand, but the mobility system they have set up will make it easy for them to set up in various buildings, including offices, universities, hospitals, and transportation hubs. 

“Promethean believes that Roboburger and their focus on automation and robotics are the solutions to deal with the labor availability and cost as well as inflation challenges we see in hospitality [and] food production today,” Michael Burt, founding partner at Promethean said in a press release. 

As restaurants utilize robotics to reach more customers, RoboBurger’s launch couldn’t have come at a better time. 

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Kumba Kpakima

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