Nas and Queensbridge Ventures Win Big with Coinbase IPO – Techish Podcast

Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss confessions of an overnight millionaire and rapper turned VC Nas reported to make $100 million off the Coinbase IPO (0.50)

They also break down:

  • Ghana hosts the new headquarters for Twitter (5:50)
  • Twitter offers $4 Billion for Clubhouse (10:45)
  • Which tech company scares you the most? (14:42)
  • Amazon prevents workers from unionising in Alabama (17:04)
  • The cultural influence of DMX (21:36)
  • BLM and transparency issues, how do we hold non-profit organisations accountable? (22:40)


Postscript is hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer! Check the role out here.


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