August 31, 2022

Meet The WOC Shaking Up The Tech PR Industry

Some of the people working diligently behind the scenes to develop thought-provoking media coverage and memorable experiences are publicists or public relations (PR) professionals.

They are the incredible minds that develop branding strategies, implement marketing ideas and help create experiences for clients’ customers, followers, and their own clients.

Tech companies rely on a steady stream of public relations to introduce their products, explain new and emerging concepts, and act fast when crises strike.

Here, we’ve made a list of leading tech’s rising PR stars bringing diverse stories to the forefront of the media and shaking up the industry.

Krystal Reynoso

Krystal Reynoso has worked with various media platforms to raise the profiles of founders from Black and Latinx communities. For example, through Reynoso, we were able to sit down with Ruben Harris, the CEO of CareerKarma, after the edtech raised a $40 Million Series B.

Before moving on to work for Blavity as an experimental program manager, worked as a digital PR manager at Ignite Visibility, and as an account executive for Sky Blue Media, a full-service multimedia communications agency specializing in tech, lifestyle, and non-profit industries.

Alisha Alvarez

Alisha Alvarez joined tech PR and communications firm, Bospar, in 2017, rising to the account director position in just four years. She now manages a team of 24 employees, serving as a lead for Bospar’s consumer, fintech, and retail practice.

According to a report by Business Insider, clients like Smarty, a mobile-phone company, have seen coverage soar under Alvarez’s leadership. Similarly, Oxygen, a fintech client, saw users for its loyalty program double after a campaign Alvarez spearheaded.

A self-described “proud queer Latina,” Alvarez also led Spanish-language outreach for the Bospar Messes with Texas initiative, which offered staff relocations in the wake of the Lone Star State’s abortion bill.

Nepherterra Best

Meet public relations veteran, award-winning PR professional – Nepherterra Best. Best has three business ventures, Pride Public Relations, Mosaic Communications, and NewsReleaseNow.

When asked what encouraged her transition to PR and launching her own firm, she told mogulmillennial: “At the very last PR agency I worked at, which shall remain nameless, I was placed on the government affairs team, which required me to do some lobbying at the local level.

“I remember the agency’s owner coming to my cubical and giving me a high five after he received a large payment for a project the government affairs team had successfully completed. He literally had the check in his hand. I did the work and all I got was a high five and my regular paycheck. He got the BIG check. That was my ah-hah moment. That just didn’t seem fair to me.”

While she doesn’t solely focus on tech PR – her firm caters to all sectors.

Khush Chaudhary

An account director at Actual Agency, Kushboo Chaudhary leads campaigns for one of the firm’s highest-profile clients — the Bank of Montreal’s fintech and digital-banking business. She spearheads media around BMO’s quarterly technology-survey index; its launch generated more than 150 media placements and spawned more than 100 million impressions, according to the agency.

Before leading the BMO account, Chaudhary also worked with clients including  American Express Global Business Travel, Acima, a fintech outfit, and Ubimo, an adtech company.

Candice Nicole

Say hello to award-winning publicist Candice Nicole, owner of Candice Nicole Public Relations.

Candice has been listed as a Top 25 African American Publicist in the Huff Post, a testament to her years of experience and dedication to her incredible list of clients.

Her website says: “Our team consists of a multi-faceted arsenal of creative connectors who work diligently to stay ahead of trends, providing results-driven communications that help build compelling activation’s that bring disruptive brands to life!

“We are the culture shifters, needle movers and game-changers that help our clients make a name for themselves, grow their services and become market leaders in the lifestyle, tech, entertainment, beauty, event, literary, entrepreneurial and wellness sectors. Our reputation within the media community is unmatched. “

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