December 13, 2021

‘Get Cities’ Expands To Miami In Order To Diversify The Tech Ecosystem

Gender Equality in Tech (GET) Cities, led by SecondMuse Foundation and Break Through Tech, has launched a third city hub in Miami as part of Pivotal Ventures’ $50 million investment focused on diversifying the tech industry.

The hub, dubbed GET Miami, will work collaboratively with the region’s tech ecosystem to propel more women, trans, and nonbinary people, particularly Black, Latino/a, Indigenous, and people of color, into tech education, careers, and leadership.

The company’s main blueprint is to address the challenge of inclusion by leveraging three key pillars – academia, industry, and entrepreneurship.

GET Miami will build on the model presented in its other GET Cities, GET Chicago and GET DC, to create an inclusive tech economy by focusing on three key pillars – academia, industry, and entrepreneurship. Specifically, it aims to:

They aim to build resilient pathways into tech; Break Through Tech will propel women at Florida International University in Miami, FL into tech careers through programs that encourage and incentivize more women to pursue computing degrees.

It will support these women along their educational journey by providing real-world experiences and a network of supportive professionals and peers.

It also hopes to align the local tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems: SecondMuse Foundation, along with one of its implementing partners, SecondMuse, drives the industry and entrepreneurship pillars by convening city-based partners and collaborating on increasing marginalized groups’ leadership and representation in all aspects of the tech economy.

Dr. Renee Wittemyer, Pivotal Ventures Director of Program Strategy and Investment, said: “We are excited to see GET Cities expand to Miami, a city working to become one of the most diverse and inclusive tech hubs in the United States.

“It’s vital that we work together to ensure women are represented and leading a more vibrant tech industry. Greater representation drives greater innovation and better outcomes. GET Miami offers a strong blueprint to achieving these critical goals,” she added.

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Abbianca Makoni

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