July 5, 2022

NFL Player Jonathan Taylor Invests $6M In Sports Tech Company

NFL Star Jonathan Taylor has invested $6 million into Sports Tech company Strive in a Series A funding round.

The funding round, led by venture capital firm, Future Communities Capital, included a range of investors, including SeaChange Fund and Seed to B Capital. NFL quarterback Troy Smith and Jonathan Taylor were new investors who also participated.

Strive, founded by Nikola Mrvaljevic in 2016, aims to provide accurate muscle data to athletes and teams. Mrvaljevic decided to launch the company after seeing that college coaches welcomed his ideas on using data to help them enhance their performance levels.

The data platform uses various sensors to measure fatigue, load symmetry, and other variables to assist athletes with their training. Additionally, Strive works to help athletes recover from injuries and provides them with training to avoid more serious ones.

“Our mission always is to empower players and coaches, and our mission is to make sure that they understand the data sets,” said Nikola Mrvaljevic, CEO and founder of Strive.

“We are focused on ensuring the customer, whether it’s an athlete or a coach or military operator, that they’re focused on understanding what the data telling them is. We all need to aspire to digest this data in the simplest and easiest to understand terms. That’s something we’re trying to improve on a constant basis.”

The fast-growing company is committed to delivering accurate and data-driven insights to athletes based on their muscle load and performance levels to help them consistently perform at peak levels.

Their clients include teams across the NCAA, NBA, NFL, EPL, and MLS alongside the U.S. Military and Physical Therapy clinic.

Since its launch in 2016, the company has raised $10.5 million. The new funding will expand Strive’s staff and invest in an updated sales/marketing plan to help improve the platform.

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Kumba Kpakima

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