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Idris Elba, renowned British actor and DJ, is steering his creative process towards building a “smart eco-city” on Sherbro Island, off Sierra Leone’s coast.  Elba’s Plans According to CNN, Elba, a Sierra Leonean citizen, focuses on blending technological innovation and environmental consciousness in this project. The initiative, in collaboration with Sherbro Alliance Partners and the Sierra Leone government, is an investment venture and a heartening return to his roots, as Elba’s father hailed from Sierra Leone. Sherbro Island, approximately the size of Chicago and historically significant in the slave trade

The potential ban of the social media platform TikTok following the U.S. government’s concern about national security implications could have an unfortunate effect on Black creators. The potential TikTok ban The U.S. government, concerned about national security implications linked to TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance, proposed a bill with a profound impact.  The Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, a 12-page document, threatened to uproot TikTok from American soil unless ByteDance sold it. On Wednesday, March 13, the Republican-controlled House voted 352 to 65 on a bill requiring TikTok either be divested from

Tech founder and major political donor Frank Hester reportedly said that looking at Diane Abbott, Britain’s longest-serving Black Member of Parliament (MP), made him “want to hate all Black women” and that she “should be shot.” Hester, the founder and CEO of software company The Phoenix Partnership (TPP), donated £10 million ($12.8 million) to the Conservative Party last year. What Happened? The Guardian reports that Hester made the remarks about Abbott during a 2019 meeting. His comments have sparked widespread outcry, raising serious questions about racism within the tech industry and

NASA’s latest class of astronauts, including two notable Black graduates, Andre Douglas and Christopher Williams, marks a milestone for the agency: it has enlisted 20 Black astronauts since the beginning. A Milestone For Black Astronauts NASA’s recent ceremony at the Johnson Space Center in Houston celebrated the graduation of 10 astronauts, now eligible for various flight assignments.  This diverse group is set to participate in future missions, ranging from the International Space Station to the Moon and eventually to Mars. The graduates were selected from an impressive pool of over 12,000 applicants, demonstrating exceptional talent

Jalon Hall, Google’s only Black Deaf employee, has claimed mistreatment and discrimination at the company and has filed a lawsuit. Hall’s Story As reported by the WIRED, in 2020, Hall, an enthusiastic criminal justice master’s graduate, was surprised to receive a LinkedIn message about a job opportunity at Google. Despite her initial skepticism, the offer was genuine, and Hall was soon hired to join Wolverine, a new in-house team tasked with moderating YouTube videos.  Her journey to this role was untraditional, as her previous job was at a law firm, where she delved

A recent leak of data from SoundThinking, the company behind ShotSpotter, has shed light on its disproportionate impact on Black and Latine communities. This revelation comes from a detailed WIRED analysis of a leaked document, which reveals the locations of 25,580 ShotSpotter microphones globally, including in the United States. ShotSpotter’s Impact On Black And Latine Communities  The data, which was obtained anonymously, marks the first exposure of SoundThinking’s extensive surveillance network.  It shows that microphones have been placed in over a thousand elementary and high schools, hospitals, public housing complexes, and significant government buildings, including

Altro, a leading credit-building and financial literacy platform, has raised $4 million in a strategic funding round, gaining support from figures such as Tinashe, Quavo, Marshawn Lynch, and Chris Paul. Altro Founded in 2019 by Michael Broughton and initially known as Perch, Altro has been instrumental in helping users enhance their credit scores. It ingeniously integrates everyday payments and subscriptions into its credit-building mechanism, including Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Starz. Beyond this, Altro extends educational resources to all its members, even those with a baseline free membership.  These resources encompass Altro’s Convo, featuring short

Tennis star Venus Williams has brought her design talents to Palazzo, a generative AI-based interior design platform bridging the gap between design and personalization. The service, co-founded by Williams, Raffi Holzer, and Edward Lando, allows users to reimagine their living spaces with the help of advanced technology. Palazzo Palazzo introduces a new approach to interior design, blending the ease of technology with design expertise.  Users can upload photos of their rooms and, through a conversation with an AI chatbot, witness a convincing transformation of their space. Palazzo, currently in beta, holds vast

RuPaul, the iconic multifaceted celebrity, has embarked on an innovative venture with the launch of Allstora, an online book marketplace.  Allstora This 100% author-owned platform empowers and showcases storytellers from underrepresented communities, including LGBTQ+ individuals, women, and people of color. Allstora, co-founded by RuPaul alongside bestselling author Eric Cervini and his partner, Adam Powell, hosts an impressive selection of over 10 million titles.  Before Allstora, Cervini, and Powell were involved with, a precursor to this new initiative. As the chief creative officer, RuPaul will also spearhead RuPaul’s Book Club, focusing

Lanny Smoot, a Disney Research Fellow and a Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development member, has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.  This recognition marks him as the first Disney Imagineer to receive this honor and only the second individual from The Walt Disney Company to be inducted. Lanny Smoot Smoot’s induction into the Hall of Fame is a personal triumph and testament to his nearly three decades of relentless innovation and creativity at Disney. “I was honored and humbled at being inducted into the National Inventors

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