Tech Icon Arlan Hamilton Has Launched A New Start-Up Called HireRunner: Here’s What We Know So Far

Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton has reportedly set up a new company, dubbed Hire Runner, that focuses on fractional and temp-to-hire operations and HR talent for inclusive startups.

Here we break down what we know so far

In a tweet made by the start-up’s Twitter page, they said: “To match customers w/the best operations talent there is, we select only ~10% of Runner applicants. Once you’re a Runner (entry-level, exec assistant, COO, HR lead, etc.), you’ll work w/growing, inclusive startups while curating your career with flexible scheduling & pay.”

What service do they provide?

They help you add the people your team needs fractionally when they’re needed. To apply for a temp worker, you have to answer ten questions, including your full name, company name, email, where you’re based, company website, number of employees, the role you’re looking to hire, and more,

What stage are they at now?

They’re at the pilot stage.

If you’re on the fence about joining @hirerunner’s pilot, now is the time, said one of the company’s tweets, adding, “We have fewer than 20 spots left in the pilot & it’ll never cost this little for companies w/more than two current employees again. You can join now & use the service anytime.”

What happened when the HireRunner Twitter page reached 1,000 followers?

Arlan gave away two pairs of custom runner shoes!

What other companies does Arlan Hamilton run?

Arlan Hamilton has paved the way for hundreds of underrepresented founders for just over half a decade. Her firm, Backstage Capital, one of the first Venture Capital companies to invest solely in start-ups led by minorities, celebrated its 6th year earlier in August.

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