December 8, 2021

Wichita Sisters Become First Black Women In Kansas To Raise $1M For Tech Startup

Angela Muhwezi-Hall and Deborah Gladney’s dating app style platform matching job seekers with employers have raised $1.41 million.

According to Project Diane, the pair, who launched the QuickHire app last fall, became the first Black women in Kansas to raise at least a million dollars in capital, which tracks minority women-led startups.

Its users are encouraged to upload intro videos to demonstrate their soft skills. Muhwezi-Hall told Kansas news that almost 70 paying companies and 12,000 job-seekers already use the app. Users enter their ZIP code and are instantly shown job listings posted within a 20-mile radius.

The platform is available for download on iOS and Google Play, is designed to connect non-college-degree workers with employers, particularly in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant fields.

Hearing of workers who had been out of work for a while — you know, people who had just had children and needed to provide for their kids, and how grateful people were — it was just the most heartwarming thing,” Gladney said. “It made us realize that QuickHire is bigger than us. We are really helping people improve their lives, improve their businesses.”

MATH venture partners led QuickHire’s seed round.

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