February 11, 2022

Summits And Conferences For Latinas In Tech And Business To Look Forward To This Year

Despite diversity pledges, funding to Latino-founded startups in the US still lags—accounting for only 2 percent of venture investments last year.

At POCIT, we try to be your go-to resource to find out the best resources and tools. Here are summits and conferences for Latinas to look forward to this year. It’s a glimpse at some of the opportunities to get involved in 2022.

These may connect you to a mentor, advisor, or potential investor.

Latinas in tech

The ‘Your Transferable Skills: How to Identify & Leverage Skills to Advance Your Career’ event is scheduled for February 17th at 4 pm and it’s a webinar. Interested in working in the tech industry, but don’t have direct experience? Sometimes the barriers between you and your desired job seem too large to overcome, especially when your areas of expertise don’t line up with the requirements for the role you really want.

But the truth is, you probably have many of the skills needed for a new job, you just need to think and talk about them in a new way, the organization said on its website.

Latinas in Tech Summit

Following a successful 2021 Summit, Latinas in Tech is hoping to increase attendees for the 3-day event in 2022, where they’ll offer a combination of in-person and online events. According to the website, the summit’s goal is to create a space where Latinas in tech can connect, belong, and celebrate their success. The event aims to inspire and empower Latina women in tech through keynote speakers, workshops, networking events, pitch competitions, and more.

The event takes place in the Bay Area from May 18th to the 20th.

Latina Empow(h)er Summit

At the Latina Empow(h)er Summit (LES), participants will learn from Latina experts and inspirational thought leaders who have successfully navigated the corporate world while balancing career, family, and culture. 

The Latina Empow(h)er Summit is designed for Latina leaders at the vice president or managing director level and higher and is a part of a larger mission to promote the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America at a level commensurate with our economic contributions.

Latina Lifestyle Conference

This annual conference is an opportunity for attendees to connect with other Latinas of Influence and highlight the professional achievements of other Latinas.

The online summit is known as a trailblazer in online event productions, entering its third year of the event being entirely online. At this year’s event, expect to experience discussions on a wide range of topics from finance to health and community education, featuring expert speakers across various fields. And the main event of the conference will be the recognition of Hispanic Lifestyle’s annual listing of Latinas of Influence.

The event takes place on April 12th and the 13th.

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Abbianca Makoni

Abbianca Makoni is a content executive and writer at POCIT! She has years of experience reporting on critical issues affecting diverse communities around the globe.