November 9, 2017

Where To Find Free Stock Photos With People of Color

It used to be a tall order to find a representative look for your powerpoint presentation that featured communities of color. Little to no stock photos existed that you could download or purchase that fit the theme. But that is not the case anymore! Here are four websites that will provide you a free collection of photos you can use with either attribution or email subscription. It is time to update your blogs, PowerPoints, branding material and all other forms of media representation you are creating!

While everyone can’t pay an arm and a leg for stock photos, keep reading past the first four websites. I also list three additional sites with paid stock photo options that also feature people of color.

Women of Color in Tech

This is the amazing initiative that took off last year as a solution to the lack of diverse stock photos, and it has gotten a lot of attention. If you haven’t seen or used this amazing collection yet, you should know it is a more significant database that somehow always stays fresh. I doubt you will run out of images once you start using this collection.

From WOCinTech Chat


Jopwell is a POC recruiting website and has recently updated their free stock photo repository with an intern edition. Perfect for your LinkedIn or Medium articles.


From Jopwell: The Intern Collection

CreateHER Stock

Get a free set of stock photos sent directly to your inbox. I enjoy this use of a monthly subscription model as it reminds me to check out the photos and to use more of them on a regular basis. You can become a paid subscriber to get access to the entire collection.


Pexels does not have very many images to offer. But the few they do have are of good quality. So if you have some specific use cases, it will work well. Feel free to send a comment to them asking for an increased representation of different cultures.

Next, let’s take a look at websites that allow you to pay for some great content! Using your paper is just as important to make sure we continue to make the internet a more inclusive and representative sphere of influence.


This website launched recently, and their database is beyond amazing. There is a rich diversity and a lot of content to choose from. Their pricing models are also pretty good. You will have to register to get access and purchase.


This site has been around for awhile and had a more straightforward approach to pricing. My suggestion is to check out these photos if you are looking for that one image with an ultra-specific message because they have it.


I had not heard of Blend before I researched this article, but after using some basic search phrases, I can see they have a robust database. Diverse stock photos seem to be something they push for.

And that’s it for now! You can be a part of the movement to increase positive representation of people of color!

Camille Eddy

Camille Eddy is a machine learning engineer at HP Labs in Palo Alto, helping to bring in the next generation of robotics.

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