February 16, 2024

SocialCrowd Secures $1.6M Pre-Seed Funding To Revolutionize Performance Management

Raphael Akinsipe

Startup SocialCrowd has announced the securing a $1.6 million pre-seed funding round to expand its team and focus on customer acquisition.


Founders Raphael Akinsipe and Paul Doran are on a mission to optimize the world’s labor force through data and automation.

The platform automatically tracks employee progress toward goals, reminds them of the work they have left, and rewards them instantly.

Key to SocialCrowd’s appeal is its real-time tracking capability, which integrates seamlessly with existing productivity apps.

“Many of our customers have large blue-collar shift teams; their staff was not able to transition to remote work during or after the pandemic,” Akinsipe told TechCrunch.

“Many of these companies struggled to retain staff, which created an even greater demand for solutions that drive employee retention and increased productivity.”

The Funding Round

Akinsipe said fundraising was a marathon for his company, taking them about nine months to raise the current round.

The round was led by Bread and Butter Ventures, with participation from VC 414, Serac Ventures, and Gala Capital Partners.

“Feedback from the company’s current customers has us excited that this platform is a win-win for both employers and frontline workers within those organizations,” said Mary Grove, managing partner at Bread and Butter.

“We’re backing an incredibly smart team that is deeply versed in enterprise SaaS and building with a product-first lens.”

With this new funding, SocialCrowd plans to expand its team and intensify customer acquisition efforts, signaling a new chapter in performance management technology.

“I envision a future where our platform delivers more than just incentives and rewards but is truly a tool for employee growth and business insight,” Akinsipe concluded.

Sara Keenan

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