January 19, 2023

Sara Hood Becomes First Black Woman To Own A Virtual Sports Team

We love to see history being made! 

Sara Hood, teamed up with Edward Madnogorere and Emmanuel Acho – to form the Houston Hyenas team ownership group in the SimWin sports league, making her the first Black woman to own a digital sports team.  

Who is Sara Hood?

Sara Hood is a venture capitalist and CEO of Sara Belay Inc. Hood can be described as a woman working to create space for Black women in tech, by any means necessary.

To date, the tech entrepreneur has sat on the advisory board for over 10 companies in which she has equity. In addition to her work in health, beauty, and entertainment, Sara Hood is putting another title under her belt to inspire a new generation of Black women further.   

“I’m deeply passionate about increasing representation for Black women in sports. It’s especially meaningful for me to be a partner in the Houston Hyenas alongside Ed and Emmanuel, one of our first investments as a group,” said Hood.

SimWin Sports

The Houston Hyenas will sit under SimWin Sports, a popular football league in the Metaverse. The sports league is owned by legendary athletes, including David Ortiz, Magic Johnson, Jerry Rice, and Tracy McGrady is transforming the future of sports gaming. 

Sara Hood alongside her partners Edward Madnogorere and Emmanuel Acho

“I’m a big fan of David Ortiz’s leadership and his team’s innovative approach to emerging technologies in gaming and sports betting,” said Hood, owner of Houston Hyenas. 

“He has played a pivotal role in ensuring that ownership opportunities have been accessible to Black and brown investors. The addition of the Houston Hyenas highlights our efforts to promote an inclusive, diverse, and equitable ownership base.”

Hood’s recent move highlights the importance of having Black women as investors in the digital sports world. It also marks the beginning of a new era for Black women in e-sports. 

Kumba Kpakima

Kumba Kpakima is a reporter at POCIT. A documentary about the knife crime epidemic in the UK got her a nomination for the UK's #30toWatch Young Journalists of the Year.