November 22, 2022

Meet The Black Mother-Daughter Duo Behind New Menopause AI Wristband

Debbie Dickinson and her daughter Markea Dickinson are the dynamic duo behind the new AI-driven wristband and app, Thermaband, which uses technology to help menopausal women manage hot flashes. 

What is Thermaband Zone? 

Founded in 2019 by Debbie Dickinson and her daughter Markea Dickinson-Frasier in Miami, Florida, Thermaband aims to revolutionize women’s health, especially for those undergoing the menopause. 

After facing her challenges with menopause, Debbie Dickinson grew frustrated by the lack of cooling relief solutions for hot flashes. Refusing to accept thermal discomfort as a new way of life, the Dickinsons developed the Thermaband Zone device.

“My desperation led to partnering with women, physicians, and engineers to create a smart bracelet that cools my body down,” said Dickinson in an online statement. 

The company has managed to raise over $1.5 million and is hoping to grow more in its current round. 

“The duo at the helm of this innovative invention – Debbie Dickinson and her daughter Markea Dickinson – are using modern technology to mobilize, empower and connect women while solving an undeserved, taboo, age-old hormonal change,” said TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone

“We will target health, tech, women, business, and lifestyle reporters and editors, as well as speaking opportunities for this inspirational, multigenerational team.” 

Personalized Instant Relief

According to reports, over 1 million women experience menopause annually. Hot flashes are one of the symptoms that will show up because of that transition, which is where Thermaband comes in.  

Debbie had the idea to create a smart bracelet by installing cooling/warming sensations to relieve women suffering from crippling menopausal symptoms. 

Woman wearing the Zone wristband, holding a mug and smiling.
The discreet wristband monitors and manages temperature

The program, co-created by a team of scientists, physicians, and engineers, uses discreet wristbands that monitor a user’s body over days and weeks to pick up on the slightest thermal shift.

Once the program picks up on a hot flash, it aims to stop it by delivering battery-powered cooling. The armband also tracks clients’ blood pressure and heart rate. 

The intelligent personal thermostat provides heating and cooling sensations and digital health data to help a robust community of women. 

“We are ready to disrupt the menopause market, bringing self-care sisterhood and thermal-regulating technology to a multigeneration of women, and we are excited for TransMedia Group to help deliver our story,” added Debbie Dickinson. 

Kumba Kpakima

Kumba Kpakima is a reporter at POCIT. A documentary about the knife crime epidemic in the UK got her a nomination for the UK's #30toWatch Young Journalists of the Year.