May 9, 2023

Meet The Founder Paying For His Employees To Use ChatGPT To Unlock Productivity

Akash Nigam

Akash Nigam, the co-founder and CEO of leading avatar company Genies, is spearheading the adoption of ChatGPT within his organization.

According to Business Insider, Nigam is spending $2,400 a month on ChatGPT Plus accounts for his 120 employees to cut costs and unlock new levels of productivity.

“I’m a pretty frugal, stingy person,” Nigam told the Business Insider. “But in my mind, this is for the health and growth of the company.”

By automating monotonous tasks, such as answering coding queries, creating technical roadmaps, and generating creative briefs, Nigam says ChatGPT has become an indispensable tool for various teams within Genies.

“It’s almost like you have the most sophisticated operating partner at your disposal that’s able to quickly center your thoughts and ensure that you’re consistently on track,” he said.

Genies employees who use AI effectively will be rewarded with promotions and raises, while those who don’t will fall behind.

Genies has implemented informal workshops where more enthusiastic team members can teach their colleagues how to make the most of ChatGPT.

Nigam plans to make ChatGPT usage a part of performance evaluations. According to Business Insider, Genies employees who use AI effectively will be rewarded with promotions and raises, while those who don’t will fall behind.

Transforming small businesses

Nigam is one of many entrepreneurs taking advantage of ChatGPT.

Maryam Aremu, the founder of Bamfresh, a grocery delivery service in Lagos, Nigeria, discovered the potential of ChatGPT during a project management role. When she was laid off, Aremu utilized the chatbot to relaunch her business.

“I turned to ChatGPT to develop my company’s brand guidelines, social media marketing copy, pitch deck and business proposal,” she wrote in Black Ballad.

“Despite a few minor edits being necessary, the words created were clear and concise. This experience was better than I had anticipated.”

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Dr. A J Austin, the Black women founder of The International Center for Life Coach Training, praises ChatGPT as her go-to tool for quickly applying for business grants.

Its ability to generate well-crafted content efficiently has significantly contributed to her success and she now teaches others how to take advantage of its capabilities.

Side Hustles and More

Beyond automating tasks, entrepreneurs of color have tapped into ChatGPT’s creative potential.

One Black founder took to TikTok to share how ChatGPT provided her with business ideas, such as lace fronts for balding men, 4C curl kits, and plant-based resin adhesive for press-ons. Each idea, she says, was accompanied by a recipe and business plan and based on her skills.

ChatGPT offers a wide range of business uses, from generating personalized marketing content and technical sales materials to streamlining operations and assisting with legal research.

Use with caution

There are many urgent problems in the field of AI. For example, their development exploits workers, and these systems can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Moreover, AI systems are prone to hallucination (they make things up) and algorithmic bias. As a result, businesses still need to check the accuracy of any AI-generated information and work to ensure it does not perpetuate harmful biases.

Where a valuable assistant for Black and Brown entrepreneurs who often lack access to the necessary capital and resources to grow their businesses, business leaders must remember to act with caution.

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