February 2, 2024

Colorintech And Meta Launch AI Accelerator Roadshow For Inclusive Tech In The UK

ColorinTech and Meta

Colorintech and Meta have launched the Spectrum AI Accelerator tailored to harness the potential of diverse UK technology founders.

Colorintech is an award-winning nonprofit working towards a more transparent and inclusive tech economy.

It is known for its student programs and working with governments, universities, VCs, and technology companies to help close the wealth and opportunity gap for underrepresented individuals.

The AI Roadshow

The program is a “Roadshow” where the duo will cover three core areas across different stakeholders in the community to make them positively impacted by AI.

The Roadshow is a visionary series of workshops and interconnected events specifically tailored to harness the potential of emerging AI technologies among diverse tech entrepreneurs.

“We have got to build technologies that serve everyone in this diverse world,” said Maxine Williams, Meta’s Chief Diversity Officer.

“Building with a focus on inclusion is critical to achieving that goal. The partnership between Meta and Color In Tech will bring together underrepresented communities and democratize access to these market-changing technologies.”

What Is Included?

Scheduled for February to June 2024, the three areas covered begin with an online educational webinar for all SMEs on integrating AI into their operations.

The webinar is for underrepresented individuals or teams of up to three who have an SME, are starting one, or are interested in how Meta’s AI tool, Llama 2, can integrate into their business and help improve all operations.

Secondly, there will be an educational morning for schools to help their young people understand more about the applications and implications of AI for their futures.

Lastly, there is a two-day educational program for underrepresented start-up leaders to learn how to use AI more directly and for technical leaders to integrate Llama 2 into their operational services.

The partnership will take experts and a team of experts from Meta’s UK and USA teams to a group of entrepreneurs to teach first on a business level and then on a technical level.

Sara Keenan

Tech Reporter at POCIT. Following her master's degree in journalism, Sara cultivated a deep passion for writing and driving positive change for Black and Brown individuals across all areas of life. This passion expanded to include the experiences of Black and Brown people in tech thanks to her internship experience as an editorial assistant at a tech startup.