November 16, 2022

Break Into Tech With These Paid Internships On POCIT!

It’s the classic Catch-22, you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. And let’s be honest, the current volatile climate of layoffs, hiring freezes and restructures, hasn’t made it easy to get either of the two.

But tech internships remain a great way to gain experience, build networks, and get your foot through the door. Most tech internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those taking online courses or attending boot camps.

On the POCIT jobs board, we have paid internships and graduate programs that range from a few weeks to a full degrees. So whether you’re looking for something part-time or full-time, in-person, hybrid, or remote, interested in cybersecurity or human resources, there’s something for everyone! 

Here’s a selection of what’s on offer.


Curious about what numbers can tell us about how things work?

Asana, Data Science Intern, New York, NY and San Francisco, CA

Intuit, Data Science (Mailchimp) Intern, Remote

Cummins, Data Science/Analytics Intern, Columbus, IN

Zendesk, Voice of the Customer Intern, Remote


Got an eye for design?

Ubisoft, UX/UI Art Intern, Remote

Duo Security, User Experience II Intern, Austin TX and Ann Arbor, MI

Cisco, User Experience II Intern, Austin, TX, Ann Arbor, MI and San Jose, CA


Fancy yourself a strong programmer?

Ubisoft, Engineer Intern, Remote

Patreon, Software Engineer Intern, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY

Cummins, Software Engineer Intern, Columbus, IN

Intuit, Systems Engineer (Mailchimp) Intern, Remote

Climate LLC, Software Engineer Intern, St Louis, MOChicago, ILSeattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA

Cisco, Full Stack Engineer Intern, Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA

Jane Street, Linux Engineer Intern, New York, NY

Jane Street, Desktop Support Engineer Intern, New York, NY, Jan-Apr, and June-Sep

Jane Street, Production Engineer Intern, New York, NY

Jane Street, FPGA Engineer Intern, New York, NY

Sales, Marketing & Operations

Intrigued by the business side of tech?

Cummins, Marketing and Communications Intern, Columbus, IN

Cummins, Sales Intern, Columbus, IN

Jane Street, Business Development Analyst Intern, New York, NY

Jane Street, Procurement Specialist Intern, New York, NY

Duo Security, Hardware Operations Intern, San Francisco ,CA

Cisco, Hardware Operations Intern, San Francisco, CA


Want to do state-of-the-art research?

Jane Street, Tools & Compilers Researcher Intern, New York, NY

Pinterest, Labs Research Internship, Remote

Product Management

Interested in making sure tech actually serves people’s needs?

Cisco, Product Management Intern, San Francisco, CA

Intuit, Product Manager Intern, Mountain View, CA

Jane Street, Product Manager Intern, New York, NY

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Samara Linton

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