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The Hidden Genius Project

A national program, The Hidden Genius Project, teaches technology and entrepreneurship to young Black men in Chicago and around the US. The Hidden Genius Project The project was founded in 2012 by five Black male entrepreneurs and technologists who had noticed the high unemployment of Black male youth and the large number of careers in tech. To address the challenge, they created a program to connect young Black males with the skills, mentors and experiences needed to become high-performing entrepreneurs and technologists. “The hidden genius project trains and mentors Black male youth in

Comcast NBCUniversal has given a $2 million grant to The Hidden Genius Project to help advance their commitment to advancing digital equity.   The Hidden Genius Project, launched by Brandon Nicholson, is committed to eradicating the obstacles against young Black boys by providing them with training and mentorship.  The grant marks the extension of Comcast’s seven-year partnership with The Hidden Genius Project, which has helped them expand their programmatic, volunteer, and outreach work across communities.  “Our continued partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal will equip us to engage even more Black youth with the skills, experiences,

Black entrepreneur, Brandon Nicholson, is determined to make the journey to success as easy as possible for Black youth.  Brandon Nicholson’s journey to launching The Hidden Genius Project  Founder of The Hidden Genius Project, Brandon Nicolson, is an advocate for the success of young Black boys. The Oakland-born native discovered his passion for achieving Black equity after graduating and has since worked to make this possible ever since. In a recent interview, Nicholson explained that he felt compelled to launch the initiative after realizing the lack of access to opportunities Black