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The ALIVE Podcast Network and Riverside.FM have partnered to launch the Riverside Black Creative HUB – Powered by ALIVE. Drawing on the expertise of both companies, the new platform aims to empower Black creatives to form a community and innovate.  The home of Black voices The ALIVE Podcast Network is the first Black-woman-owned podcast network to build its own tech stack with production, distribution, and training to help Black podcast creators monetize, amplify and maintain ownership of their content. “ALIVE is to Podcasting what Tyler Perry Studios is for film

According to Insider Intelligence, there are currently over 2 million podcasts and 424.2 million podcast listeners worldwide in 2022, a 10.6% increase from the previous year. As of 2020, the global podcasting market size was valued at $11.46 billion. It grew to $13.785 billion in 2021 and is expected to be a massive $153.07 billion in 2030, according to Acumen Research and Consulting. This growth has been spurred by a number of factors – from the proliferation of new celebrity shows, investments from companies like Spotify, and the increased affordability and availability of tech such as smartphones