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Young LGBTQ people of color feel safest and most understood on TikTok compared to other online spaces, according to research by The Trevor Project. For LGBTQ young people of color, experiencing a sense of safety and understanding in at least one online space has been linked to improved mental health. The Context According to the research, young LGBTQ people spend an average of five hours per day online, working out for approximately 45 minutes more than non-LGBTQ people. However, it has been found that although online spaces can cause harm

Over half of all LGBT+ ethnic minorities are actively seeking a new role at a more inclusive employer, according to new research by Deloitte Global. The LGBT+ Inclusion at Work report The Deloitte Global 2023 LGBT+ Inclusion at Work report explored the experiences of LGBT+ people in work worldwide through the lens of sexual orientation and gender identity. “The data from the survey shows how far there still is to go when it comes to embedding LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace,” said Emma Codd, Deloitte Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer.

You may have stumbled upon memes on Twitter where users are snubbing the American streaming platform – Netflix. Well – it’s because it’s just been announced that the tech giant is laying off approximately 150 employees across the company, according to an internal memo sent Tuesday. The layoffs represent 2 percent of the streamer’s total workforce, with most of the cuts happening in the United States. Netflix is also making changes to its animation division, resulting in 70 roles being cut off in that unit and reducing contractor roles in

Black and LGBTQ+ travelers are leading the charge to build inclusive technologies that help their communities travel safely. One such digital program is the Green Book Project, which offers city guides from the perspective of Black travelers.  It’s an app from software engineer Christian Lowe created that allows travelers to determine how inclusive a business is through a unique search system based on how users identify themselves, indicated by a hashtag they place on their reviews. For example, a queer vegan traveler could filter a restaurant’s reviews for insight into how

A former Google employee who resigned in 2015 has publicly criticized his former employer in a Reddit post alleging a “toxic” drinking culture within his team at the time that included sexual assault. Donald King worked as a Google software engineer from 2008 to 2015. King posted publicly on Reddit last week alleging he experienced a toxic drinking culture and sexual assault during those years. Liz Fong-Jones, an Asian engineer who worked at Google at the same time as King, wrote on Twitter that she could “personally corroborate many of

B. Pagels-Minor was a program manager at Netflix before she was fired and accused of leaking internal numbers about Dave Chappelle’s show ‘The Closer’ to the media. Chappelle’s latest stand-up comedy special, which was released on Oct. 5, has been widely criticized for including anti-trans jokes and for “attacking” the LGBTQ community. But Pagels-Minor took it upon herself to help organize a protest to provoke change against attacks on the community. She claimed that by 4 pm on Oct. 14th  a walkout protest was announced and around 7 p.m –

Citi has announced its next round of investments through the Citi Impact Fund, a $200 million fund launched last year to invest in companies that are addressing some of the biggest societal challenges. Daylight, Flume, and Stackshare are among the list of companies included in the round. This brings the Impact Fund’s total number of investments to 23 companies – more than half of which are founded by women and/or minorities.  Ed Skyler, Head of Global Public Affairs at Citi, said: “The portfolio of the Citi Impact Fund keeps growing as we continue to