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An Atlanta-area Black-owned tech company founded by Derek Bailey hopes to change the delivery industry with the Exceeder app. Atlanta’s All-Electric Vehicle Delivery Service Exceeder is an all-electric vehicle delivery service offering sustainable electric SUVs, pickup trucks, and scooters for rent. At the heart of its innovation is the Proteus Generator, a patented gas-to-electric-circulation generator that transforms fuel into low-carbon electricity, redefining recharging for electric vehicles.  “The Proteus generator basically puts the power plant onboard the vehicle, eliminating the need to plug into an external power source,” Bailey told Digital

Materials Nexus founder Jonathan Bean has joined the small number of Black people in the UK who have been able to raise over £1 million for their startups. Reducing the cost of going green Green technologies, like wind turbines and electric vehicles, hold great promise for a cleaner future. We need to enhance their material components to make them even more effective.  However, this often involves heavy mining for rare-earth metals and precious metals. Jonathan Bean, a UK-based theoretical physicist from the University of Cambridge, founded Materials Nexus in 2020