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Since early May, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has experienced devastating floods due to torrential rain which also lead to AI-generated misinformation. At one point, the region saw four months’ worth of rainfall in just three days.  This catastrophe has left over half a million people displaced and much of the state capital still submerged weeks later.  It is the worst flooding disaster in Brazil’s history, with the ongoing rainy season likely prolonging the situation. AI-Generated Misinformation Spreads Amid Crisis Amid the chaos, misinformation has flourished with

Five years after the disastrous Hurricane Maria, another destructive storm has hit civilians living in Puerto Rico, exposing the vulnerability of the island’s electricity system.  Hurricane Fiona, which first struck Puerto Rico on Sept 18, has already caused severe damage to the island’s economic development.  According to the Washington Post, President Biden agreed to issue a major disaster declaration earlier this week. The storm brought an average of 10 to 16 inches of rain across Puerto Rico, killing four people.  Since Sunday, 1.5 million people living and working in Puerto Rico