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Black Tech Week, an inclusive tech conference focused on empowering entrepreneurs of color, is set to return to Cincinnati from July 18–20. “There isn’t a single DEI talk at Black Tech Week. That’s by design,” Brian Brackeen shared on Twitter. “‘No DEI talks’ are something that we are proud of.” Brian Brackeen is the founder of facial recognition software company Kairos and managing partner at Cincinnati-based venture capital fund Lightship Capital, which invests in companies led by underepresented founders. He is also the organizer of Black Tech Week. “Black Tech

The Cincinnati-based Lightship Foundation, which is well known for serving remarkable entrepreneurs and ecosystems, is moving one of the nation’s premier conferences for founders of color and Black tech professionals to the Queen City this summer. It marks a high-profile win for both the organization and the city. “Black Tech Week is a culturally historic event that innovators of color have converged upon for the last seven years to expand their minds, their networks, and their access to capital,” says Candice Matthews Brackeen, Lightship Foundation Founder, and CEO. “I am thrilled