July 14, 2022

Pulley Raises $40M To Help Startups Navigate Equity

How do you allow — and make it easier for — anyone to start a company? That’s the question driving Pulley, the cap table and equity management platform that has just raised $40 million in Series B investment funding. The new investment brings Pulley’s total funding to $50 million to date.

The funding round was led by Keith Rabois at Founders Fund, including investors Stripe and Elad Gil. The latest investment fund comes a year after the company’s rapid growth, supporting over 1,600 companies across 80 countries. 

The serial investor Yin Wu co-founded the platform, which helps businesses make better decisions on equity. It provides start-up founders and employees with the tools to make more hiring decisions and allows them to issue grants equity to employees, automatically updating their cap table, all at no cost. 

“Equity is a company’s most valuable asset,” said Yin Wu, Pulley’s co-founder and CEO.”We’re excited for Pulley to take a new approach to equity management. We help companies make better equity allocation decisions before they get recorded on the cap table.” 

Pulley recently announced its free plan, Pulley Seed, which gives consumers with fewer than 25 stakeholders access to all the company’s core features for free, allowing them to save thousands on legal fees. These tools help companies model and compare different funding scenarios, raise capital, and set up employee equity grants. 

The company is currently on a mission to make it easier for everyone to start a company, with the goal of building a future where more companies are founder-led and owned by employees.  

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Kumba Kpakima

Kumba Kpakima is a reporter at POCIT. A documentary about the knife crime epidemic in the UK got her a nomination for the UK's #30toWatch Young Journalists of the Year.