April 24, 2019

Techish: Disney’s New Streaming Service, Workaholism, Beyonce and is Jumia Even African?

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Abadesi and Michael are back breaking down Disneys new streaming service – is it a Netflix killer?

Following up from this tweet thread they also then discuss the controversy as to whether Jumia [recently gone public] is an African startup.

That’s followed by a harsh look at Alibaba Jack Ma’s CEO’s statement about a 996 work schedule – 9am-9pm six days a week 😲. Also, what is a startup – who gets to define it and is it purely all about growth?

And of course, they had to discuss Beyonce’s amaaazing Homecoming documentary and Donald’s Guava Island.

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Michael Berhane

Co-founder and CEO of peopleofcolorintech.com & pocitjobs.com. Also the co-host of the #Techish podcast! Full Stack JavaScript developer by trade.

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