June 25, 2021

Jay-Z and Dame Dash Legal Battle Over NFTs – Techish Podcast

Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss an interesting development in the NFT space. Jay Z is suing Damon Dash over his attempted sale of ‘Reasonable Doubt’ as an NFT. Are we looking at NFT wars being a thing in the future? (19:35)

They also break down:

  • T-Pain talks about mental health, autotune, and Usher comments (0:11)
  • Lina Khan, the new chair of FTC, reviews Amazon proposed deal to buy MGM (5:18)
  • The new wave of consumer investing and meme stocks (12:40)
  • Airbnb’s ‘Smart Pricing’ algorithm fail and a convo about BLM symbolism (22:02)


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