October 13, 2022

Workbnb Is The Black-Owned Airbnb For Traveling Workers

Workbnb is on a mission to become the one-stop solution for workforce rentals, providing comfortable housing for traveling workers.

Founded by Yeves Perez and headed up by Daj’Anique Staples, the startup is part of Techstars, one of the largest pre-seed investment programs in the world.

A gap in the market 

At the height of the pandemic in 2021, while working for his mother’s company, Perez noticed a gap in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Businesses often need to provide their employees with temporary accommodation for extended periods. However, Perez realized that the travel rental industry largely neglected that need.

So he set out to carve a niche from this gap in the $74 billion market, and thus Workbnb was born. 

Airbnb for traveling workers

The B2B Workbnb app allows employers to book multiple rentals simultaneously without the limitations of vacation-focused platforms like Airbnb.

Currently in its beta stage, Workbnb connects offices and travel managers with hosts keen to provide employees with comfortable long-term rentals.

By avoiding motels and hotels, the hope is that the app can help boost employee morale and well-being.

Taking on the construction industry

Perez hopes the app will become invaluable over the next decade thanks to Congress’ trillion-dollar investment in infrastructure. It is expected that millions of construction workers will travel across the US as a result.

In an interview with the Black Wall Street Times, Perez said: “If [construction workers] keep getting put into these motels and hotels, going into the next 10 years of travel, that’s a huge missed opportunity.” 

Perez also acknowledged that many blue-collar workers are Black and Latinx, like himself. As such, he is consciously building something that will improve the lives of his community.

Memuna Konteh

Memuna Konteh is a journalist and multidisciplinary writer who specializes in the intersections of identity culture and politics.