August 12, 2022

Black Dating App Announces ‘Break The Bank’ Initiative To Help Support Black-Owned Businesses

BLK, a dating app with over 7 million downloads, was created to help Black singles find love, and now it’s providing users with financial resources to support Black-owned businesses. 

Just in time for National Black Business Month in August, BLK has announced “Break the Bank,” an initiative to help Black communities deal with the rising costs of inflation

Through a partnership with a Black community collective called The Gathering Spot, BLK is helping to sponsor a contest in which 40 users will receive gift cards worth $250 to fund dates at Black-owned businesses, totaling $10,000.

The collaboration comes after a recent study where BLK surveyed over 20,000 users.

A total of 69% of Black singles said the rising inflation costs were hurting their dating and social lives, while 50% said they could not afford dates or other leisure activities. BLK said it hopes to alleviate some of the financial burden with Break the Bank.

“At BLK, we understand that Black singles are craving true connection, especially during these tough economic times,” Jonathan Kirkland, BLK’s head of brand and marketing, said in a statement to NBC news.

“Our ‘Break the Bank’ initiative will not only allow us to bring people together to build meaningful connections, but it also gives us an opportunity to support Black-owned businesses in our community. It’s truly a win-win situation,” he added.

Throughout August, BLK will also spotlight businesses on its social media pages and allow users to choose from various stickers on the app to help express their Black cultural identity. Over 15,000 users have used stickers identifying as Black business owners.

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Abbianca Makoni

Abbianca Makoni is a content executive and writer at POCIT! She has years of experience reporting on critical issues affecting diverse communities around the globe.