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Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times laid off more than 115 journalists, more than 20% of its newsroom. Several journalists of color have been affected by the cuts, which the Los Angeles Times Guild says the company could have prevented. LA Times Layoffs “The company has reneged on its promises to diversify its ranks since young journalists of color have been disproportionately affected,” said the Los Angeles Times Guild in a statement. “The Black, AAPI, and Latino Caucuses have suffered devastating losses. Voluntary buyouts could have helped prevent this, but that’s not

Black women have always been, and continue to be, at the forefront of tech, driving innovation, raising capital, and challenging inequity. This year, the tech world continues to shift and evolve rapidly. For those wanting to stay ahead of the curve and make their mark in this dynamic world, here are three must-read books by Black women leaders. Your First Million – Arlan Hamilton Arlan Hamilton is the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, which has raised more than $10 million while investing in over 100 companies led by people of

A new study by Emagine Solutions Technology suggests that pregnancy apps lack key features to serve modern maternal health needs. Emagine Solutions Technology provides a new level of care for pregnant women by combining handheld ultrasound and remote patient monitoring software to improve maternal health outcomes. The platform was developed by Courtney Williams, who in 2021 won a second prize award for Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition Initiative.  The investment firm Black Ambition, founded by Pharrell in 2020, is dedicated to supporting Black and Latinx business owners. Williams told AfroTech about her complications following childbirth during the

Developer and entrepreneur Ida Byrd-Hill is the visionary behind the Life Culture Audit vision board app, helping the Black community set and achieve their career and finance goals. The power of visualization Ida Byrd-Hill knows firsthand how visualization can change your life. In 2017, she founded the cybersecurity and tech re-skilling firm Automation Workz 4 U, later named Automation Workz Institute. When investors refused to invest in her firm, Byrd-Hill decided to sell her Detroit residence, car, and retirement funds and enter voluntary poverty. Four years later, Byrd-Hill has managed to

Health In Her HUE, a digital health app focusing on reducing health disparities for women of color, has announced a $3 million seed round. Health In Her HUE The digital health app connects Black women to the health care providers, services, and resources committed to their health and well-being. It was founded in 2018 by public health innovator Ashlee Wisdom and Eddwina Bright – who is no longer with the company. After getting her public health master’s and tired of reading research papers about the disparate healthcare outcomes for Black women, Wisdom had an

Wells Fargo has announced that Darlene Goins is the new president of the Wells Fargo Foundation and head of Philanthropy and Community Impact. Wells Fargo is a leading financial services company with approximately $1.9 trillion in assets, serving one in three US households and more than 10% of small businesses. Goins’ Previous Expertise Previously, Goins was head of Diverse Customer Segments within Wells Fargo’s Consumer, Small, and Business Banking. Her role was leveraging customer feedback, analytics, and insights to meet the needs of diverse customers. Goins also led the company’s

The Ebony Alert system, created to identify missing Black youths, has launched in California, with other states to follow. Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 673 – Senator Steven Bradford’s “Ebony Alert” legislation – in September 2023. The law makes California the first state to create an alert notification system addressing the crisis of missing Black children. The technology behind broadcast and mobile alerts has been around for decades, but it’s largely failed to address a minority of the population that the signs are intended to help. “It came about by

The StoryGraph, a Black woman-owned cataloging web platform for books, took to X, formerly Twitter, announcing they have had to take their platform offline to upgrade its servers. The StoryGraph The StoryGraph, founded by Nadia Odunayo, is a competitor of Amazon-owned social cataloging platform Goodreads as it uses a freemium model, with some features only available in a subscription plan. Founded in 2019, StoryGraph was initially a side project for tracking books. After studying at Oxford University, Odunayo went into the world of software engineering but, in 2019, decided to work

Many of us have kickstarted 2024 with goals for the new year. These goals range from learning more about our finances and getting fit to prioritizing our wellbeing or simply reading more. We have compiled a list of some Black-owned apps that may help you on your way! Prioritize Your Wellbeing – Exhale Black founder Katara McCarty launched her app, Exhale, in 2020 after struggling to find an app suited to Black women’s wellbeing. Exhale is the first emotional wellbeing app for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC). The app coaches users through

In 2023, the tech industry witnessed both advancements and persistent challenges concerning the experiences of Black and Brown individuals. Some companies are making strides in diversity and inclusion efforts, incorporating initiatives such as mentorship programs and targeted hiring practices. However, the sector has grappled with the complex intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) issues and ongoing legal battles against affirmative action.  Concerns regarding biased algorithms and AI systems perpetuating discrimination have prompted discussions about the ethical use of technology in hiring and workplace practices.  However, no matter how good or bad

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