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Techish · Elon is Space Karen, Tech spying on Muslims, Airbnb IPO, Bill Gates, Jeremih in the ICU Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss how a Muslim prayer and dating app is connected to a location data firm that sends your personal data to brokers, contractors, and the US military. (1:30) They also break down: Jeremih in the ICU with Covid-19 (10:05) Airbnb files IPO (16:30) Elon is Space Karen (23:10) Can Bill Gates repair his reputation? (27:50) This Episode Is Sponsored By Notion! Get your Notion account here.

Techish · VP Kamala Harris, FDT, Beyoncé x Peloton, Apple, Being Black @ Work, YC for music? Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss Biden’s historic presidential win and the first woman of color elected US Vice President. They also break down: Biden’s presidential victory What VP Kamala Harris win means for women of color Beyoncé x Peloton partnership Do music artists need a seed accelerator? Apple event announces – Pzifer’s Covid-19 vaccine Star Wars John Boyega comments and if we ever bring our full selves to work? This

Techish · Should Twitter Buy Substack? Virtual Influencers, Social Media Brainwashing, Trump the Dictator? Techish is back with another episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss the world of virtual influencers vs real influencers (17:32) They also break down: UK second lockdown (01:28) Election talk (5:24) Social media brainwashing Micheal’s homie (07:27) Twitter buying Substack (10:50) Jodie Turner-Smith playing Anne Boleyn (24:20) This Episode Is Sponsored By Notion Get your Notion account here. Notion is hiring! Check out their open positions  Extras: Techish on Patreon:Advertise with Techish:Please rate and review the Techish podcast Subscribe To The Techish Podcast On Apple Podcasts, Spotify, And Other Platforms.

Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss the brilliance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) using Twitch to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming U.S. Election. (21:45) They also break down: Expensify CEO email (1:32) 20 Cent and capitalism (3:18) RIP Quibi (9:29) Snap’s comeback (14:53) Ryan Hoover steps down from Product Hunt (18:40) Google vs DOJ (23:58) This episode is sponsored by Notion Get your Notion account here. Notion is hiring! Check out their open positions  Extras: Techish on Patreon:Advertise with Techish:Please rate and review the Techish podcast Subscribe To The

Black journalism has shaped the way we look at the technology industry. Get to know the writers and storytellers amplifying Black stories and speaking up across matters as varied as race, artificial intelligence, venture capital, diversity, and other issues affecting communities of color. Sidney Fussell, Senior Staff Writer for WIRED Sidney is a Senior Staff writer based in San Francisco covering technology for WIRED, writing compelling features about surveillance, health, spending data, and Silicon Valley’s social and political impact. Sidney was previously a technology writer with The Atlantic but has also

Systemic racism has created a world where I and many other Black people literally have to work twice as hard to get half as much. Since I’ve been able to work, I’ve worked multiple jobs. During summers growing up, I worked in the businesses started by my grandparents in Mobile, AL, and passed down to my father and his siblings. You could find me doing everything from working the register at their BP gas station to preparing sandwiches in my father’s Subway. When I went to college, despite having a full-ride academic

In early June, I wrote to diversity professionals and others advancing workplace inclusion about corporate statements responding to the killing of George Floyd. I did this to discourage companies from releasing PR-type statements that were heavy on buzzwords, light on substance, and unlikely to disrupt racial injustice occurring within their reach. Instead, I wanted corporate leaders to examine practices within their organizations that adversely impact Black talent and use statements to convey how they would dismantle the internal structures and systems that allow these injustices to perpetuate in the workplace. Fast forward

August 13 marks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. This is not a celebration. Instead, it represents the date that Black women must work into the new year to catch up to what White non-Hispanic men made at the end of the previous year. That’s an extra 226 days of work for Black women, who make just 62 cents for every dollar earned by non-Hispanic White men. This translates to corporate leaders attributing Black women’s worth as roughly three-fifths of the value of White men. This pay gap has a devastating impact. It means

There’s a mad dash in the professional world to improve diversity. Every high-profile company is working to boost the statistics in hopes of a favorable public profile — one in which people from all backgrounds and ethnicities are welcome. The tech industry, especially, is at the forefront of this diversity movement as it’s come under fire more than other business categories. However, diversity statistics are just that — statistics. Without inclusion, diversity just creates another problem. That problem is tokenism. Tokenism is defined as the following: “the practice of making

As a 13-year-old, it was hard for me to understand why my mother insisted that I cut off my baby dreads or that I get rid of any oversized jeans that imperceptibly sagged. Dating back to my adolescence, my parents instilled in me this notion that, as a black man, I had to carry myself a certain way if I wanted to be successful. Even more imperative than what I wore or how I looked, I distinctly remember a conversation with my father where he explained that I would have

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