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Partech, a global technology investment firm, has closed its second Africa-focused fund, Partech Africa, at over €280 million ($300 million). Partech Africa  The achievement surpasses its initial target of €230 million, marking Partech Africa as the largest fund dedicated to African startups​​​​​​. Partech Africa partners with entrepreneurs who combine technology and operational excellence to address large opportunities across the continent. The African startup landscape experienced a downturn in investment activities in 2023, with venture capital inflows decreasing to between $2.9 billion and $4.1 billion. This contrasted the $4.6 billion to

Women-led healthtech companies in Africa secured $52 million in funding in 2023, compared to just $2 million the year before, a report has found. The report by Salient Advisory shows findings on investment activity covering grant, equity, and debt investment for African healthtech startups in 2023. A Surge In Funding For Women-Founded Companies According to the 2023 Roundup Investments in African Healthtech report, gender financing gaps in African healthtech ecosystems narrowed in 2023. In 2022, women-founded companies received a mere $2 million, just 1.4% of all investment, but the following

South Africa is poised to make a significant move in the global digital economy by introducing digital nomad visas.  These visas are aimed at attracting highly skilled professionals, particularly in the IT sector.  The initiative, published by the Department of Home Affairs, aligns with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s vision of enhancing the country’s competitiveness and job creation. The Digital Nomad Visas The proposed digital nomad visas will allow remote workers, especially those employed by foreign companies, to live and work in South Africa.  This move is expected to attract a number

Ethiopia has announced plans to ban the importation of fuel-powered vehicles, shifting its focus exclusively to electric vehicles (EVs).  Alemu Sime, the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and Logistics, announced the bold move as part of the country’s comprehensive green mobility strategy. Electric Vehicles Only According to Sime, Ethiopia spent €6 billion ($7.6 billion) on petrol and diesel imports in 2023. Additionally, pollution levels in city centers due to cars are reportedly off the charts. Now, the government has decided to allow only EVs into the country by banning gasoline and diesel-powered

Black-owned, Philadelphia-based Win Win Coffee has launched a transformative technology platform to connect coffee farmers directly with buyers, creating a more ethical and streamlined process. Co-founded by Nikisha Bailey and Matthew Nam, Win Win Coffee has the vision to lead a coffee industry renaissance where every sip is a journey through the diverse narratives of the African diaspora. After Win Win Coffee was forced to close in 2020 due to pandemic restrictions, Bailey and Nam decided to source and produce their own brand of coffee. This gave them a look into the process of producing

Black Americans consume more media than any other US population, but almost 70% wish they saw better representation, a Nielsen report has found. Black Audiences Consume The Most Media Nielsen’s “The Global Black Audience” report highlights Black America’s significant engagement with media and their perspective on representation in content and advertising. Black Americans remain today’s core audience, spending more time with media than any other US population, 81 hours weekly. Black audiences 18 and older in the US spend the most time on media daily – nearly 12 hours. The

In the Black Network (ITBN) has launched ITBN Africa, featuring 70 hours of programming committed to highlighting the creative voices that represent African cultures. ITBN is an AVOD streaming service that highlights Black voices and original stories that are culturally significant and relatable to all audiences. Viewers can access multi-genre content from Black creators, including sports, music, scripted, drama, talk, kids, and family or feature films. ITBN Africa ITBN Africa started on February 5th and expanded its library of titles by adding additional independent TV series, films, and documentaries. The collection

Mastercard has purchased a minority stake in mobile operator MTN Group’s fintech business. MTN is Africa’s largest mobile network operator, sharing the benefits of a modern connected life with 272 million customers in 19 markets across Africa and the Middle East. Established in 1994 in South Africa, the company provides voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and API services. Mastercard’s Minority Stake In MTN Last year, in 2023, Mastercard announced it would purchase a minority stake in the MTN, and now, six months later, they have. In a statement, MTN said it had

In recognition of this year’s Black History Month theme, African Americans and the Arts, we will explore the intersection of Black arts and tech throughout February. The origins of digital art can be traced back to ideologies present in the first half of the 20th century. While artists were keenly interested in innovations, the rich potential of modern technologies as tools in art only began to be explored as access increased in the 1950s and beyond. Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented

10Pearls, a global, purpose-driven digital technology partner, is launching a “Women in Tech” program for Latin American women in Costa Rica on February 10th. Founded by brothers Imran and Zeeshan Aftab, 10Pearls partners with clients to imagine, design, build, and deliver innovative mobile and digital products. The company has a diverse clientele that includes Global 1000 enterprises and high-growth startups and has offices in the US, Costa Rice, Colombia, the UK, Pakistan, and Peru. Women in Tech Program The Women in Tech launch event in Costa Rice will consist of a series of

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