April 15, 2024

Kora And Panache Ventures Collaborate To Support African Tech Startups

Dickson Nsofor

Canadian pre-seed venture fund Panache Ventures has teamed up with Africa-focused fintech firm Kora to address funding challenges that African tech entrepreneurs face.

Payments infrastructure for Africa

Established in 2017, Kora is a payment gateway facilitating local and international transactions across several African markets, including Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. 

Kora opened a UK office in 2022 through a collaboration with the West Midlands Growth Company, an initiative designed to drive regional investment and stimulate economic growth in the UK.

The platform is particularly known for its multi-currency transactions and recently introduced a USD card-acquiring feature to simplify USD payments.

Kora And Panache Ventures

The partnership between Panache Ventures and Kora will now focus on providing African tech startups with resources such as mentorship, partnerships, and direct guidance on securing venture capital. 

“Through forging partnerships, offering mentorship, and providing guidance concerning funding opportunities, our intention is to cultivate groundbreaking startups that will reshape Africa’s technology scene,” said Kora’s CEO, Dickson Nsofor.

Prashant Matta, General Partner at Panache Ventures and lead investor for Kora, also spoke at the event, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit within the African tech sector.

He also emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to empower innovative startups across the continent.

Sara Keenan

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