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Today the Kapor Center, a nonprofit addressing racial inequities in STEM education and the tech industry, in partnership with the NAACP, released their 2022 report titled State of Tech Diversity: The Black Tech Ecosystem.  The report analyzes and synthesizes the latest data, demonstrating the continual exclusion of Black talent across the tech ecosystem, which represents a great loss of talent and innovation for one of the major drivers of our nation’s economy. The report findings reveal that progress towards racial equity is not only stalled but in many respects, regressing, throughout

This week, Apple has released its latest Inclusion and Diversity report and the data in the report shows trends in Apple’s workforce between 2014 and 2021. Apple has been reporting its diversity numbers since 2014 when its workforce was under 93 thousand employees when women represented 30% of the worldwide workforce, 20% filled technical roles and 28% had leadership positions. The company now has over 165,000 employees globally across its retail, tech, non-tech, and leadership roles. From the data – it’s clear that the firm has increased its number of

Codecademy, the leading online learning platform for technical skills, is partnering with The Black and Brilliant Advocacy Network to launch an Applied Artificial Intelligence accelerator and mentorship program in Africa. After launching their first accelerator together in 2021, the organizations are teaming up again to bring the program to Africa and empower a new generation of tech talent in the region. Combining upskilling and mentorship, the Codecademy and Black and Brilliant program will focus on both the hard and soft skills needed to build successful careers in AI. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants

Startup founders often turn to friends and family for their first bit of funding but for many Black founders, that’s not an option. The “friends and family” round is when people who personally know the founders of a company pitch in money, either as a loan or in exchange for a small ownership stake but for those who may not have many family members or members with little capital – they can’t even ask them. According to the Federal Reserve, the median net worth of Black households in the US is $24,100,

A Greensboro attorney and entrepreneur is bringing racial diversity to children’s entertainment by creating a range of books using AR. Kya Johnson launched online entertainment platform RainbowMe in December 2014 with co-founders Talib Graves-Manns, who is a marketing entrepreneur, and Bernard Bell, an Atlanta-based television veteran. Back in 2014- RainbowMe was one of three organizations to receive free workspace and $40,000 in seed funding from CODE2040’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence pilot program. CODE2040, a San Francisco nonprofit that supports the inclusion of underrepresented minorities in the tech industry, partnered with Google on the initiative that’s backing African-American and

Kadeem Woodson opened Enkel’s Barbershop last year to provide more comfort for queer customers. Although barbershops have long been regarded as a sanctuary for Black men – not all of them are a safe space for queer Black men. A study by Smith College found that some Black, queer patrons who viewed themselves as “clockable” or easily detected as a homosexual would change their physical appearance and visit shops during off-peak hours to avoid uncomfortable situations. But Woodson says he wants members of his community to remain authentically themselves and feel comfortable

The Cincinnati-based Lightship Foundation, which is well known for serving remarkable entrepreneurs and ecosystems, is moving one of the nation’s premier conferences for founders of color and Black tech professionals to the Queen City this summer. It marks a high-profile win for both the organization and the city. “Black Tech Week is a culturally historic event that innovators of color have converged upon for the last seven years to expand their minds, their networks, and their access to capital,” says Candice Matthews Brackeen, Lightship Foundation Founder, and CEO. “I am thrilled

A lawsuit filed last week has accused Google of systemic racial bias against Black employees, saying the company steers them to lower-level jobs, pays them less, and denies them opportunities to advance because of their race. The complaint was filed in the federal court in San Jose, California, according to reports. The plaintiff, April Curley, said the Alphabet Inc unit subjected Black employees to a hostile work environment, including by often requiring they show identification or be questioned by security at its Mountain View, California, campus. Curley said Google had hired her in 2014

Another Black worker is reportedly suing tech giant Tesla, claiming white workers tormented him with ringtones set to sound like incoming-rocket warnings, as well as race-based abuses. According to Mercury News – Marcellous Cage alleged in his lawsuit against Tesla that the company fired him because he reported life-threatening safety violations in the plant. “Mr. Cage was fired for two reasons: his commitment to safety and his race,” the lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court claimed, the paper reported. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment on

Athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick and his partner’s Canadian businessman Jim Nikopoulos and activist Akim Aliu have made a seed investment in Naomi Osaka’s KINLÒ brand with Kaepernick joining the brand’s board of directors. Osaka has also brought on a new brand President, Mia Meachem, who joins KINLÒ with over 20 years of brand marketing experience with roles across notable beauty brands including Drunk Elephant – a part of the Shiseido organization, The Estee Lauder Companies, and Burt’s Bees. In her new role as President, Meachem will help to drive

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