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Several authors, such as Mona Awad, Paul Tremblay, Christopher Golden, Richard Kadrey, and Sarah Silverman, have filed lawsuits against OpenAI for unlawfully “ingesting” their books. The authors claim OpenAI breached copyright law by training ChatGPT on their novels without their permission. How ChatGPT ‘learns.’ ChatGPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot, skyrocketed in popularity following its release late last year. People mainly use it to compose essays, write emails, create creative stories, and get answers to questions about an extensive range of topics concisely and conversationally. Generative AI models like ChatGPT are

Amanda Rajkumar, Adidas’ global head of human resources, is the latest HR lead to depart from her role following the pattern of women leaving DEI roles at major companies. Rajkumar, a British national with parents from the Caribbean, joined Adidas in 2021 to stem an internal uproar over the company’s handling of racism, diversity, and inclusion. However, the company announced last week the departure of their sole remaining female executive board member. Her predecessor Karen Parkin also resigned from the company in 2020 after she described internal discussions of racism as “noise.” Although

Black-owned VC firm Cornerstone V.C, which boasts a diversity-led investment thesis, has hired its first female partner Ella Wales Bonner.  Bonner will spearhead the development of Cornerstone’s in-house coaching practice to support the leadership potential of its portfolio companies. Who Are Cornerstone V.C.? Born out of a Black-led angel group, Cornerstone Partners, Cornerstone V.C. firm was founded by Rodney Appiah, Edwin Appiah, and Wilfred Fianko. The early-stage venture capital firm invests in innovative B2B technology solutions in the U.K., launching its first £20 million ($23.9 million) fund last year. Cornerstone V.C. invests in many more

Essence Festival of Culture is suing Spotify for using its branding without permission, according to The Guardian. The festival’s lawyers say they are taking a stand against the “intentional exploitation of Black culture.”. Essence Festival of Culture  Essence Festival of Culture is held over the Fourth of July weekend in New Orleans with music performances, inspirational speakers, and proactive conversations about gender, race, culture, and art. It was started in 1994 as a one-time event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Essence – a magazine aimed at African American women. Since

New York has become the first city to pass legislation that regulates AI-driven hiring practices. Based on the New York City Local Law 144, also known as the anti-bias law, the new legislation requires all NYC businesses to use AI tools in their hiring processes to prove their selections are free from sexism and racism. Local Law 144 New York employers using AI algorithms in their hiring processes must submit used algorithms for an independent audit while publicizing the results.  The companies also have to share an ‘average score’ of candidates

Kenya-based MyDawa, a technology-based service enabling consumers to purchase authentic, high-quality medicine, health, and wellness products, has raised $20 million in funding.  They raised money from private equity investor Alta Semper Capital to expand its regional reach and product offerings to become an all-in-one health platform for users. The growth plans will be steered by MyDawa’s new CEO Priscilla Muhiu. “Alta Semper’s ambition matches that of MyDawa, and it brings the drive, connections, and clout to succeed,” co-founder Neil O’Leary told TechCrunch. MyDawa’s Story MyDawa aims to ensure that every

seeCOLe (see Clinical Data On Lens) is a wearable augmented reality health app revolutionizing how clinicians interact with electronic health records in real time. Using the app, healthcare professionals can interact with patient data using voice commands, removing the need to navigate patient records manually. CEO, founder, and lead developer Carl Osborne told POCIT about the pioneering spirit behind the app’s creation and how he hopes to make a lasting impact on the healthcare system. Inspired by Mary Seacole Jamaican-British nurse Mary Seacole inspires the company’s name. During the 19th-century Crimean War, Seacole

A recent study by Lendio has highlighted the extent to which location can impact the success of Black and Latine-owned businesses, ranking the best and worst states for minority-owned companies to succeed.   The POC-owned business boom U.S. entrepreneurship is more diverse than ever, with people of color owning 1 in 5, or 1.2 million, of the nation’s businesses in 2020. Black and Latine Americans are also the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs but continue to face challenges such as limited access to venture capital funding and a lack of networks and mentorship programs, all while facing discrimination

Unshackled Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm for immigrant founders, has closed its third fund with $35 million. This adds to the $35 million the firm, founded by Manan Mehta and Nitin Pachisia, has already deployed to 80 companies.  Unshackled Ventures has also provided over 200 founders with visa sponsorship, immigration support, and a community of resources. Unshackled Ventures The first and only early-stage venture capital fund focused on retaining foreign talent in the U.S., Unshackled Ventures invests in visionary immigrants and has built a place for them to successfully launch a

“AI… Meets… AI: An Exciting Tale of Connection and Adventure” is the #1 New Release in Children’s Computer Hardware and Robotics Books on Amazon following its publication last month. The enchanting children’s book features Addy, a curious and imaginative young Black girl, and Jaz, a learning AI, exploring the bustling city of Baltimore together.  Author Amber Ivey, also known as “AI,” told POCIT that she created these characters to pave the way for a future where technology education is inclusive and every child feels empowered to shape the digital world,

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