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    Sourcing Manager, Edge – Facebook What made you decide to work in tech? I’ve always had a strong interest in tech. I was an early adopter of Facebook and took some C++ classes in high school, but my path into the tech industry probably looks a bit different than most. After graduating from college, I pursued my passion at the time (finance) and worked as an investment banking & business valuation analyst for two years. During that time, I had the opportunity to work on multiple engagements in the tech space

    Product Manager of Venmo   What made you decide to work in tech? Well, at the time I decided 4 years ago I wasn’t sure what to do, so I decided to start following a few of my passions. One was Vgames–so in a sense, learn how to code. I also did something called Learn Python the Hard Way, from James Shaw, and from then I realized I wanted to do something in tech. A half year later, an opportunity presented itself at FemRow. A high school friend that I

What made you decide to work in tech? I actually started off wanting to be a teacher but when I got into classrooms I realized that a lot of teachers’ hands were tied by the principals, and the principals’ hands were tied by the laws/government. Then I quickly found out that politicians were mostly influenced by money, business, and interest groups. I realized that the fastest way to affect change and make a lot of money was to persue the tech industry and figure out how to build products and

What made you decide to work in tech? The short answer is that it was a financial opportunity for me. When I first started, I really didn’t understand what a software engineer did or was. I was just happy to be graduating from college with a pretty decent salary offer. But tech/software development was a natural fit for my curious personality. The technical challenges of building software appealed to the problem solver in me. What was an obstacle you faced and how did you overcome that obstacle? As a software

What made you decide to work in tech? I got into tech somewhat accidentally. I loved biology and chemistry in high school and started college planning to complete a MD/PhD after graduating. After working in a lab doing breast cancer research, I decided that I still wanted something scientific but a pursuit that involved people. I ended up majoring in psychology and starting my career in public health. Over the course of my career, I shifted to global health, which necessarily involved technology given my interests in systems change and

What do you do in tech? I am currently the CEO and Founder of the marketing firm called MilliSense. My company focuses on helping startups’ reach product market fit and also getting initial users and traction to for mostly startups and tech-related companies. We help them grow regardless of whether they are at the initial stage or if they have been in business for 3-5 years. For me it’s about finding creative ways to not only grow my own company but to also grow and scale other companies. It’s kind of maddening if you think

We are looking for guest writers who would like to share their story or writer what they are most passionate about in tech! It can be a learn to code piece, a first person narrative, or a project you are currently working on! Click on the Contact section and write the topic you want to write about! We’ll message you on the next steps! Talk to you soon!   Ruth and Michael  

What made you decide to work in tech? Coming into college, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to major in. I knew I wanted something that blended science and art, but I didn’t know what that something was. An advisor suggested CS, but it didn’t seem like anything I wanted to do. That summer I had an internship at Sandia National Labs, and I was exposed to web development. I took to it immediately, but the extent of what I could do was limited by the fact that I

What made you decide to work in tech?  Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved gadgets. Technology and problem-solving have always piqued my interest. Back in the 80s, consumer technology wasn’t what it is today as far as being accessible and affordable and so we never had a computer in our household. To compensate, I read A LOT and also played with tech at school and even more so in college. This is where I got to build my first computer and never looked back.  What was an

      Designer & Front-End Developer Check out his projects: Barbershapp, The Right Spice, & The Arts Project  What made you decide to work in tech? I’ve always had an interest in tech from a young age, always experimenting with gadgets and computers. I initially started with a much more Art & Design focus with the majority of projects that I was working on covering branding and illustration. I hated code at first and could never have seen myself doing anything more than copying and pasting from Google. But once I sat

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