October 26, 2023

Underrepresented Tech Talent Are Leveling Up Their Careers With CAVU: Here’s How You Can Too


Standing out in a labor market as saturated as tech can be costly and complicated, especially for those of us from underrepresented backgrounds. 

CAVU is a benefit corporation looking to remedy this. Their mission is to facilitate “engaging effective and accessible learning experiences”, with a focus on leveling the playing field in tech and beyond. 

They do this through scholarships such as the LevelUp Scholarship program, which prioritizes applicants from marginalized/ low-income backgrounds (particularly POC, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals), giving them access to career-enhancing education at a massive discount. 

What is Scrum and Agile?

All CAVU training programs employ Agile frameworks. Agile refers to a set of project management methodologies that promote gradual development, cross-collaboration, and progressive evaluation. 

Scrum is a framework used to implement Agile development, and it is becoming hugely popular.  Scrum workflows split projects into fixed-length microphases called sprints, breeding efficiency and optimization. 

Scrum also promotes accountability and a client-focused approach with regular feedback meetings and transparent customer interaction. This ensures everyone’s time and skills are maximized to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients and teams alike. 

CAVU co-founders Chris Sims and McCaul Baggett have been familiar with Agile working since its earliest iterations, having trained with one of the leading minds behind Agile, Jeff Sutherland. 

In an interview with POCIT, Baggett hails Agility as a “way of working that’s much more respectful to individuals than traditional waterfall project management.” 

Making Scrum More Accessible

CAVU’s Scrum training is a far cry from the hotel conference room courses its founders came up on. Instead, it builds on the celebration of individuality at the core of Agile philosophies to create programs that are inclusive, dynamic, affordable, and accessible from the comfort of learners’ homes. 

Baggett says CAVU’s “unique focus on community and social impact” sets it apart from other Agile training platforms.

CAVU’S LevelUp program is an opportunity for those who face barriers to entry to the Agile world to formally qualify as specialists in the philosophy while joining CAVU’s network of like-minded individuals. 

It allows learners to choose their own pathways towards becoming either a Developer, Scrum Master, or Product Owner. Each role is essential to leading a well-functioning Scrum project, though they differ in scope. 

  • Developers are the team members who provide solutions to any internal problems that may arise during a project.
  • Scrum Masters build and guide teams to work sustainably
  • Product Owners identify issues on the customer’s end and prioritize the order in which these issues are addressed. 

Whether training to be a Developer, Scrum Master, or Product Owner, all LevelUp learners take charge of their own tuition with flexible hybrid learning split across on-demand, microlearning courses, and interactive, instructor-led sessions. 

Learners are asked to pay a nominal fee for the otherwise expensive training based on a sliding scale of income. 

Should I apply?

Scrum certification signposts to employers that you have transferable skills that would make you an asset to any project, enabling rapid career advancement for those who are too often overlooked in the competitive tech landscape. 

According to Baggett, “The ideal LevelUp candidate is someone who is passionate about learning and is committed to both personal and professional growth.”

“We welcome everyone even if they have no knowledge of Agile at all. We want folks who are interested in understanding Agile and Scrum,” he added. “No prior knowledge is required.”

CAVU goes beyond teaching frameworks, encouraging learners to internalize a “mindset that can adapt to evolving circumstances”—a quality highly valued in the job market. 

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to elevate your career, apply for the LevelUp scholarship or learn more about CAVU’s courses on their website.

Memuna Konteh

Memuna Konteh is a journalist and multidisciplinary writer who specializes in the intersections of identity culture and politics.