May 21, 2019

Resources for the Black Tech Community in the UK!

Welcome friends 👋

I had the opportunity to run an interactive workshop this year at Afrotech Fest 2019 in collaboration with Cynthia Mukendy from African Gist.

The purpose of the workshop was to brainstorm and create a library for individuals of the African diaspora in the UK who are currently working or interested in Tech.

Things that we covered during the session:

  • Forums/communities that cater to individuals currently working or interested in tech.
  • Inspirational people in tech of Black/African/Caribbean descent.
  • Local organisations / business that support with funding / co-working space / mentoring / advice / job opportunities.
This was the result of 25 people split into 3 groups, please refer to the tweet thread for the original answers (twitter post below).

I decided to do some research and create a starting point list for individuals who want to join groups, which are :

  • Specifically designed to cater to individuals of the African Diaspora [or inclusive for all – tested by myself]
  • Open for people who are currently working or interested in tech.
  • Offers job opportunities / mentoring ( can be either for non-technical or technical roles).

Groups / Organisations / Communities

Black Girl Gamers



PLM Academy


Black Young Professional Network


WCAN Network

LBAcademy Network

Witty Careers

Black Tech Women Organization

Code Collabs Society

Young African Centre

Black Girls Rule

Coders of colour

Black Girl Book Club

Black Girl Nerd

People Of Creativity

Black Girl Festival

Black Girl Tech

Afrotech Fest






Color in Tech Organisation

Shades of Success

POC in Play




A collection of media content available online that I enjoy as a techie and for my personal growth.

#Techish podcast by Michael Berhane and Abadesi.

A podcast by two millennials talking about all things tech, pop culture, and life.

Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet?

The podcast where science/tech journalism meets pop-culture

Dream Big. Hustle Hard Book by Abadesi

The millennial woman’s guide to success in tech.

#WomenTechCharge podcast by Anne-Marie Imafidon.

The series looks at the incredible women revolutionizing our lives through technology.

In Closing

If you think a group /organization/community/ individual is missing from this list, please just add via the comment section. Your contribution is welcomed.

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