October 31, 2023

French Soccer Stars Join $3M Investment In StarNews Mobile To Empower African Content Creators


African mobile video network StarNews Mobile has secured $3 million in pre-Series A funding to empower African content creators to connect with their fanbase and make money.

Notable Black French soccer players participated in the funding round, including Aurelien Tchouameni from Real Madrid CF, Jules Kounde from FC Barcelona, and Mike Maignan from AC Milan.

Helping African creators monetize their content

StarNews Mobile is a leading African media platform empowering content creators by providing opportunities to connect with their fanbase and monetize their content.

It was founded in 2017 by Guy Kamgaing, a 20-year serial media and telecom entrepreneur, to transform the creator economy in Africa and foster an ecosystem where creators can thrive creatively and monetarily.

A recent BBC World Service report highlighted the struggles social media influencers in Africa face when trying to make money from their content. 

The content creators said they don’t get paid in the same way as creators in the UK, US, or European Union do.

Some up-and-coming creators also need help to monetize their content due to expensive mobile data plans and a shortage of services tailored to local markets through operators such as MTN and Orange.

“There are thousands of creators online that don’t make money on YouTube or other platforms,” said Kamgaing in an interview with Techcrunch.

“So it was just putting two and two together, saying, “Well, this content is here that no one knows about and is very difficult to get the audience on YouTube and search, but I can help creators make money because I have a relationship with the telcos.”

$3M To Transform the Creator Economy

Through strategic partnerships, educational resources, and technology, StarsNews aims to unlock new opportunities and elevate the status of African creators on a global scale.

Africa-focused venture capital firm Janngo led StarNews’ recent pre-Series Around. The funds will be used to support the expansion of StarNews in key African markets.

The service is available in six African countries – Cameroon, where it started; Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Benin, and Ivory Coast.

Additionally, in a press statement, Kamgaing outlined the startup’s expansion plans, noting its intent to strengthen its dominant presence in Francophone Africa while quickly expanding across strategic markets.

StarNews is looking to be in 11 markets by next year, the chief executive remarked on the call.

The investment will also support the growth of Africa’s creative industry and contribute to the region’s economic development.

“I am very excited and proud to back StarNews, the first media platform that supports African creators and tells the world the real African story,” Fernand Tchouameni, a spokesperson and investment advisor for Aurelien Tchouameni, told TechCrunch.

“Being of Cameroonian descent, I can also see StarNews becoming a bridge to connect with the African diaspora, and I personally look forward to being on it.”

Feature Image Credit: TeamTalk

Sara Keenan

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