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Pinterest has announced that it is expanding its Creator Inclusion Fund to the Pinterest Inclusion Fund, allowing founders to join. Pinterest Inclusion Fund The now-called Pinterest Inclusion Fund began in 2021 to help give more opportunities to underrepresented content creators. It has now expanded as they have teamed up with Shopify’s Build Black and Build Native programs to allow small business owners who are from or who serve underrepresented backgrounds to apply for the Creator Inclusion Fund. Previously, only traditional content creators applied. “The Pinterest Inclusion Fund is focused on

According to a new survey from Shopify, Black businesses contribute significantly to the company, yet they still struggle to get funding.  The barriers Black-owned businesses face Black-owned businesses face many barriers that limit their growth, including a need for more access to capital funding and investments. Not only does this make it harder for them to succeed, but it also limits their growth potential.  Despite racial and social justice movements catalyzing public support for Black businesses over recent years, minority founders have been left with unfulfilled promises of investments from banks,