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Post-pandemic economic recovery among racial groups is the “most equitable in recent history,” a new Treasury Department report has found. While Black and Hispanic Americans typically bear the brunt of recessions, economic gaps between racial groups have narrowed in the last three years. Post-Pandemic Unemployment Rates The Treasury Department report states that prospects for the American economy looked grim at the beginning of 2021 following the pandemic and numerous lockdowns. Professional forecasters expected the unemployment rate to remain well above 5% for the following year, with Black and Hispanic Americans

Employers continued to make progress in addressing anti-Black racism last year, but Black Canadians worry that a recession could wipe out those gains, finds a new survey. In KPMG in Canada’s survey of more than 1,000 Black Canadians, 9 in 10 felt their employers had made progress on efforts to be more equitable and inclusive for Black employees in 2022. Most also said their companies had hired and promoted more Black people, and noted improvements in their own career and promotion prospects.  Black Canadians also reported improvements in their workplace