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Black professionals are now being promoted into managerial roles at rates reminiscent of 2019, a recent McKinsey & Co. study has revealed. The findings signal a concerning erosion of progress made in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and widespread corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments. The Erosion of Progress The study, which analyzed promotion rates from over 270 companies employing over 10 million people, paints a disheartening picture. Promotions for Black professionals, especially women, have fallen significantly. In 2022, for every 100 men of all races promoted into

I recently accepted a role as a senior software engineer at Bloomberg, and I’ve been getting all sorts of questions. So, here’s what I did and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Anyone who’s gone through the process of getting that first job as a software engineer knows how difficult that process can be. Lucky enough for you, there are more exciting challenges you will face in your career journey. Becoming a senior engineer can be a very arduous process. This is because it requires tenure, growth in your