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Native American Heritage Month

Relevance Ventures and Skoden Ventures have announced the launch of the Native American Capital and Investment Alliance (NAICA) to bridge the gap between Native American founders and capital providers. Relevance Ventures is one of the only privately owned and operated Native American venture capital firms in the US. They provide strategic venture assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs who foster balance and harmony while delivering a positive societal impact. Skoden Ventures is a boutique venture fund investing in early-stage startups with Indigenous, Black, Brown, and women founders. Native American Founders For

Native Americans are using technology to revitalize their communities’ threatened languages through online dictionaries. As part of a project by the Language Conservancy, Native American women are working with Rapid Word Collection (RWC) software to revive, remember, and record dozens of Apache language words related to everyday living. Disappearing Languages There are approximately 150 Native North American languages spoken in the United States today by more than 350,000 people. However, the majority of Native Americans today speak only English. This is due to a number of reasons, including the federal