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Sparkee, a Black woman-owned tech company, is revolutionizing how we charge our phones. Their new product – which is currently available for pre-order – is the fastest charging device for those constantly on the go. It is compatible with all phone models and holds two USB-C Ports, allowing users to charge three devices simultaneously.   The Sparkee device is the sleekest device modernizing how we charge our phones through its wire-free programming, giving users multiple ways to charge their devices. It takes away the idea of having to “put your phone

Africa is the dumping ground for 85% of the planet’s e-waste – a situation likely to get worse as Apple prepares to switch iPhone lightning ports to USB-C ports. The E-Waste Issue In Africa  E-waste is becoming a prominent issue in Africa because old goods are exported from high-income countries to low-income countries. In addition, as fewer regulations are being enforced in Africa, it is easy for discarded electronic items to find their way into the continent.  Discarded chargers generate more than 11,000 tons of e-waste each year, and according