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Vennard Wright is reinvesting profits into PerVista, an AI-powered gun detection technology to reduce gun violence. Wright founded Wave Welcome – an IT management company – in 2020 to deliver technology and cybersecurity services that empower dynamic organizations. It makes money from managing internal IT systems of businesses, universities, and government organizations, then invests profits into its own side projects. Wave Welcome is now working on a gun detection tech project, PerVista. Gun Detection Tech PerVista recognizes the increasing importance of digital security and built a solution to consolidate essential

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has asked the US Justice Department (DOJ) to investigate the deployment of the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system in Black neighborhoods. The nonprofit raised concerns about the technology being used to justify the over-policing of Black communities. What Is ShotSpotter Gunfire Detection System? ShotSpotter, owned by SoundThinking, a public safety technology company, is a gunshot detection technology. It uses acoustic sensors to detect, locate, and alert law enforcement about illegal gunfire incidents. The digital alerts include a precise location on a map, with corresponding data