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Bitcoin teller machines (BTMs) in the U.S. are disproportionately installed in areas with large Black and Latine populations, a Bloomberg analysis has revealed. BTMs in Black and Latine areas The number of BTMs, which allow people to convert cash into Bitcoin, has risen drastically over the last four years, now totalling around 31,100 units nationwide.  These machines, commonly found in gas stations and convenience stores, saw a surge during the pandemic as interest in digital currencies grew. However, a Bloomberg analysis has revealed that the machines are disproportionately installed in

Fintech Stratyfy has announced a partnership with Beneficial State Foundation to decrease racial disparities in lending. The Partnership Stratyfy offers accurate, dynamic, and equitable credit underwriting decisions with machine learning solutions, working with institutions to implement AI. Their mission is to accelerate financial inclusion for people and mitigate risk for financial institutions. They address operations such as automated credit risk assessment, fraud detection, bias mitigation, and other tasks without new risks. The Beneficial State Foundation is a team of equity champions who aim to advance financial justice and impactful systematic