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According to a new Senate report, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are failing to moderate online extremists adequately. The report, released on Wednesday, called on federal law enforcement to reevaluate its response to the growing threat of terrorism and extremism.  The Senate has called out social media platforms for failing to stop the spread of violent and anti-government propaganda online, which has increased over recent years.  Harmful extremism circulating online  Recent incidents have led many to question the violent consequences of social media, which has seen more

Law enforcement officials have said that six children are suspected of orchestrating a nationwide campaign of bomb threats against historically Black colleges. More than a dozen universities and places of worship have been targeted by hoax calls, which reportedly spiked on the first day of Black History Month on Tuesday, according to widespread media reports. According to law enforcement, the minors appear to be using sophisticated methods to disguise the source of the threats, which seem to have a racist motivation. “A bomb threat against the university is being investigated,”