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Ethiopia has announced plans to ban the importation of fuel-powered vehicles, shifting its focus exclusively to electric vehicles (EVs).  Alemu Sime, the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and Logistics, announced the bold move as part of the country’s comprehensive green mobility strategy. Electric Vehicles Only According to Sime, Ethiopia spent €6 billion ($7.6 billion) on petrol and diesel imports in 2023. Additionally, pollution levels in city centers due to cars are reportedly off the charts. Now, the government has decided to allow only EVs into the country by banning gasoline and diesel-powered

Sheryl E. Ponds is working to ensure Black people are not left behind as the world moves towards electric vehicles. She is the entrepreneur behind Black-owned startup Dai Technologies Corp, which designs and builds electric vehicle charging stations. Electric Vehicle Charging Deserts DaiTechCorp describes itself as an ‘EV Adoption expert’ working to bring electric vehicles into the Black community.  After successfully building electric vehicle charging stations, Ponds realized that many of her clientele were affluent and white, so she decided to rebuild her business model to reach the Black community.  According to reports, about 2%