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ThriveDX, a global leader in cybersecurity education, and BlackGirlsHack, an international cybersecurity training nonprofit increasing diverse representation in cybersecurity, have launched the BlackGirlsHack Scholars Program. The Scholars Program will enable a cohort of 25 individuals associated with BlackGirlsHack to receive the support and benefits needed to complete the program successfully and secure new cybersecurity employment. Helping Black Women and Girls Thrive In Cyber The BlackGirlsHack Foundation was founded by Tennisha Martin, a Black woman from Washington, D.C., who has worked in the IT and Cyber Space for over 15 years. The nonprofit

The SANS Institute has partnered with Google to launch the SANS Cloud Diversity Academy (SCDA) as the White House releases it long-anticipated National Cybersecurity Strategy. SANS is the world’s largest provider of cybersecurity training and certifications. Now, through the SCDA, it is empowering Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women, and other underrepresented groups to launch their cybersecurity careers in a matter of months. The Academy will provide training in SANS courses and associated GIAC certifications and hands-on labs, focusing on cloud security. “As more businesses adopt cloud technology,