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Ann Lai’s portfolio of work and achievements is impressive. She got a scholarship to attend an elite private school, and then she found out the school didn’t have resources for serious scientific research. But that didn’t stop her. Through her science adviser, she met a chemical and biomolecular engineering professor at Case Western Reserve University and wound up conducting research on sulfur dioxide sensors in his lab, winning prestigious science prizes She was also a violinist, playing in the Cleveland Institute of Music’s preparatory orchestra, and made mixed-media art installations

A great career shouldn’t come at the expense of your identity, but this is a tradeoff many of us have to make. Written during Latinx Heritage Month, this article examines the role that remote work plays in preserving Latinx culture across the U.S. In life and in business, we talk a lot about trade-offs. We learn that we can’t have it all, that there are certain things we need to sacrifice to get ahead in life. And as a Latinx person, that often means trading off between two of the