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Post-pandemic economic recovery among racial groups is the “most equitable in recent history,” a new Treasury Department report has found. While Black and Hispanic Americans typically bear the brunt of recessions, economic gaps between racial groups have narrowed in the last three years. Post-Pandemic Unemployment Rates The Treasury Department report states that prospects for the American economy looked grim at the beginning of 2021 following the pandemic and numerous lockdowns. Professional forecasters expected the unemployment rate to remain well above 5% for the following year, with Black and Hispanic Americans

In the decade I’ve worked in the tech industry I’ve come to learn how common lay-offs are. In 2012 when I was a manager at Groupon, I had to lay off teammates I had hired after the share price slumped post-IPO. When I was a manager at HotelTonight in 2015, I watched as some of my fave teammates were laid off to cut costs after the founders tried and failed to raise another round of funding. Just last week I joined the millions of professionals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

If any of you are unfamiliar with the lyrical genius of Craig David, please click the link and make your self-isolation a better place. (and this blog post makes sense!) “Got the information on Mondaaaaaay” Purely through chance, I sent my monthly investor update on Monday 9th March, on the eve of the Week of Realisation about the Coronavirus crisis. I signed off my usual SUPPORT section with a simple question: Almost immediately, several investors responded with variations on the following; So I paused all planned work for the day