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California is working on passing SB 54, the nation’s first legislation to increase diversity in venture capital. In California, venture capital investments do not reflect the state’s diversity, according to the bill. It states that companies founded or co-founded by women receive far less investment funds than companies founded by men. Additionally, companies founded or co-founded by people of color receive far fewer investment funds than companies founded or co-founded by white people. Black founders have long faced challenges securing funding for their businesses, with VC funding dropping by 36%

Yohanes Kidane, 22, has been missing since August 14 after moving to San Jose, California, to start a role as a software engineer at Netflix. He was last seen entering a black Toyota Camry with an Uber sticker on 28 N 4th St. San Jose wearing grey sweatpants, a black hoodie and black shoes. The disappearance Kidane had moved from New York to the Bay Area on July 26 to start his new role at Netflix; his family told local news channel KTVU.  He had recently graduated from Cornell University with a degree in

A recent study conducted by LendingTree revealed that North Carolina is the best state to start a business in, but California is considered the worst. It’s important for founders – particularly those of color – to pick the right place to start their business as it can potentially make or break their startup. The Lending Tree study scored the 100 largest US metro areas by population based on factors like the proportion of residents who hold a bachelor’s degree, state corporate tax rates, and local housing costs. Of course –